Introduction: Digital Object Counter Using LDR Interfacing With Mediatek LinkIt One

In this Instructable,You will be able To Interface Mediatek Linkit One Board using LDR and Digital Object Counter which Can Count Objects upto 9999.

Step 1: Requirements

  • General Purpose PCB Board
  • 4 CD 4026 Johnson Decade Counter.
  • 4 Common Cathode 7 Segment Display (LT543).
  • 1 BC 547 NPN Transistor.
  • 1 10kΩ Potentiometer , 1 1KΩ Resistor(0.5 W) ,2 100Ω Resistor(0.5W).
  • LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
  • LinkIt One Board.
  • USB Cable for LinkIt One .
  • 9V Battery
  • Push To On Switch.
  • Jumper Wires.
  • 1 Rectangle Box.

Step 2: Assembly and Connections for Digital Object Counter:

  • Take a General Purpose PCB Board and assemble the circuit of digital object Counter using the above circuit diagram Except the LDR.
  • Solder The Components Or else U can also Etch The above Circuit using Eagle.
  • Your Digital Object Counter Is Ready
  • Now Interfacing LDR with LinkIt One To Get Analog Values on Serial Monitor And Use This Analog Value which Is Explained In The Next Step.

Step 3: Connection of LDR With LinkIt One

  • Now Connect one teminal of LDR To Analog Pin (A0) of LinkitOne Board and The other terminal To +5V of The Board.
  • Thus, Analog Values From The LDR is Obtained From the Serial Monitor Of Arduino IDE.
  • When LDR is In Dark You will Get One Constant analog Value and When it is In Light U will get Another Constant Analog value.
  • Now,Connect One Pin Of LDR to The Ground Terminal Of The Counter Circuit and Pin 13 Of Linkit One Goes To The Base Terminal Of NPN Transistor.
  • Digital Output of Pin 13 is used as a Clock Pulse to The Digital Object Counter.
  • When Light Falls On The LDR and as soon an Obstacle passes by the Counter Advances By 1.
  • Congratulations, Your Digital Object Counter Interfacing LDR with LinkIt One board is Ready.

Step 4: Upload the Code,Compile and Run

Thanks for Watching this Instructable.

Hope you will have fun!!!