Introduction: Digital Pulse Generator

Digital Pulse generator is used to generate a pulse train. It generates a square wave.

Step 1: Parts

For making the digital Pulse generator you will need the parts as listed below :-

  1. IC NE555 with the Stand.
  2. 10 micro farad capacitor.
  3. Resistor 2.2k ohm & 10k ohm.
  4. Variable Resistor of 100k ohm.

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Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Here the Astable configuration of NE555 is used. By varying the Resistance from 0 to 100k you can vary the frequency from 14.4 kHz to 687 Hz and the duty cycle (t/T) varies from 99.99 % to 52.4 %.

The LED is connected at pin no. 3 just for the indication.

Step 3: Application

Pulse generator can be used for many applications such as:-

  1. As a clock.
  2. For testing any device.
  3. As Modulation Signal.