Introduction: Dinner Table Table Tennis

Do you love to play table tennis but you:

Live in a small apartment?

Had to sell your table tennis table to make room for a growing family?

Fear not, a regulation size table is not necessary to have buckets of table tennis fun every night after dinner.

This Instructable explains how.

Step 1: Parts List

a) clipping type table tennis net (we go ours on line at

A screw-type net and post set will also work but can be a bit finicky to set up.

b) 2 or 4 table tennis paddles

c) table tennis balls

Step 2: Adjust the Width of the Net

Since your dinner table is likely narrower than a regulation-size table tennis table, you'll need to shorten the width of the net.

To make the net narrower, with the net clipped on one side of the table, wrap the excess net as many times as needed around the other post.

It will take a little trial and error to get the net to the correct width, you'll want to have the net good and snug across the table.

Step 3: Clip the Net to the Table...and Play!

Clip the wrapped post to the table and you're ready to play.

You can just rally or you can play a match, you can even play a match to decide who gets to wash the dishes!