Introduction: Dinosaur Model

This instructable is intended to show how to do a dinosaur made out of cardboard.

At first I was about to do a big T-rex head, but then I thought that it would but better if I started with something smaller.

After a little search in Instructables I found this dinosaur ( which is basically what I was looking for. My dinossaur is very similiar to this one but some details are described in my instructables.

If you're looking for something bigger you can have a look at this one (

I hope you enjoy doing it :)

Step 1: Materials

Skeleton and spikes
--cardboard (any kind of cardboard will do the work)
--Wire (a rigid one)

--Aluminium foil
--A little more of cardboard
--Sealing tape

--Water and white glue (Papier-mache)

Paws and Details
--Modeling clay

--Acrylic Paint or Plastic Paint (or whatever you want to use) 

Step 2: Skeleton

Since I'm not an artist and I don't know how to draw a dinossaur, I  found one on the internet.

I've found this stegosaurus in this web site (

The directly link for the stegosaurus is (

You shall use the image as a frame of reference, so you can cut the cardboard in the way that will give you a dinosaur skeleton.

*Do not bother yourself with cutting the cardboard perfectly, no ones will see it. Just make sure it will be able to give a little shape to your dino.

**Also remember that it is better to cut the cardboard a smaller than the final dino would be, because there will be layers and layers of paper, and tape, and everything else.

The Pics are self-explanatory, I think you will be able to do it without problems.

Step 3: Body

After doing the skeleton, you may cover it with aluminium foil. It will make the skeleton more resistant.

Then you can build the body itself. Just use Sealing tape and cardboard (or whatever you want). 

You can add a new layer of aluminium foil if you fell comfortable with, but it's not necessary.

Just make sure that in the end it looks like a dinosaur.

*When you're building a quadrupedal dino, be sure it does not get too flat underneath (in the belly), so it is going to looks like a turtle :)

Step 4: Skin

To do the skin you can use some newspaper with white glue and water.

Cut some newspaper in little pieces and them make a mixture with the glue and the water (approximately 1 of glue to 4 of water).

Emerge the paper in the mixture and then put it on the dino.

This part is a little boring, but do not give up. I think that two layers of newspaper will do the work.

Remember adding an extra layer of regular white paper, so you'll have a white background to paint on.

*Again, if it doesn't get perfectly, do not worry. You can make it smoother later on adding some clay.

**We'll gonna do the paws with the modelling clay.

***This technique is called "Papier mache" and if you want further information, you can google it.

Step 5: Paws

No secret then. Just make the paws and anything else like spikes for example.

You can use any kind of clay. You can even do it by yourself, just google how to do it.

Use it to do everything that is missing or that is not particularly right in your dino.

You can even add a layer over the Papier-mache if you feel like it.

Be sure you are having fun =]

Step 6: Painting and Details

Just use some plastic paint to paint the dino.

Be creative!

Step 7: Done

That's the final result.

Again, be imaginative. You can use some googly eyes to make it funnier for example.

Be nice to people and do not pollute the environment :)