Introduction: Diorama Accessories Made From Air-dry Clay

Recently I made a diorama and I made these accessories for it using air-dry clay. They are two bridges, a short post, a pyramidal road marker, and a small tree stump. Below them are what were meant to be three old broken-off tree branches but they look more like ... Something else. And I am in the process of remaking these. The second pic shows an altar made by wrapping air dry clay around an electronic candle. 

Step 1:

This is the altar. It is made from an electronic candle. I wrapped clay around it, let it dry, and added more layers of clay, allowing each new layer to dry before I worked on it again. The back was added, as were the ribs on the sides, then I painted it with acrylic paints. The bottom view shows the on-off switch and battery door of the candle.

Step 2:

The bridges. I made the small one first, to learn what to do and not do, then I made the second large bridge. I rolled the clay out into a slab, trimmed it, then curved it and lay it on its side to dry thoroughly. then I also painted them brown.

Step 3:

The tree stump, road marker, and post. All are made from air dry clay and painted brown.

Step 4:

The old tree branches. I am remaking these for obvious reasons.

Step 5:

Early test pic of the diorama. The altar is in this pic. The wizard I bought years ago but the other two figs I customized.

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