Introduction: Disguised Deck of Cards Safe

Easy to make safe disguised as a deck of cards!

Step 1: Preparation

Take a total of eight cards from the deck and split them into two piles of four. each of these piles will be used as the base and top.

Step 2: Glue Part 1

Take the two piles and glue the cards together one by one. (Keep piles separate) (Two piles of 4 Cards)

Step 3: Cutting the Cards

With the other 44 cards fold each of them in half horizontally. Once folded use the scissors to cut a rectangle in the middle of the card.

Step 4: Glue Part 2

Place one of the bases (stack of 4 cards) on a steady surface (Faced down). Then proceed to unfold each cut our card and glue them on top of each other one by one.

Step 5: Adding the Top!

With all the cut pieces glued onto the base, you are left with one last stack of 4. Carefully glue half of the top cut card. (NOT THE WHOLE THING, ONLY HALF) Then fold the last stack of 4 in half and place it on top of the cut pieces. You will be left with one opened side and can keep it closed via rubberband.