Introduction: Dishonored Rune

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I played dishonored for 23 minutes and I wanted a souvenir. You bet your whale oil I made one.

Step 1: What You Need

Oil clay, plaster, paint, fake leather, hot glue, knife, clear coat and a marker

Step 2: Make a Mold

Split the clay in two. One part being significantly larger. The larger half should be rolled out and shaped into a oblong egg shape, add a raised bit to it so the plaster will look cracked. The other piece should be made into a wall to hold the plaster in. Put the finished mold on a plastic bag to reduce the mess.

Step 3: Mix and Pour

Mix just over a fourth a cup of plaster, mix until the lumps are gone, pour into the mold slowly. Make sure it fills completely.

Step 4: Start Carving

Remove the plaster from your mold when its dry enough. Sand any rough edges down and mark your lines. Take a knife and cut into the plaster as far as you feel comfortable, just not too deep

Step 5: Base Coat

The first coat is a basic cream color, I mixed yellow, white and some brown.

Step 6: Fill the Lines

Use a small paintbrush or a quill tip like I did to fill the lines you carved with black paint.

Step 7: Weathering

Mix some glue, brown paint and water to make a glaze. After it dries add a new coat and make sure you clear coat in-between layers.

Step 8: The Symbol

Look at a reference picture (use Google) and paint the trademark symbol onto the rune. Make the lines fairly bold.

Step 9: Leather Bits

Cut 4 pieces of fake leather into 1 and a half to 2 inch strips. Glue on on each quarter of the rune.

Step 10: Ta-Da, You're Done

You're done, what other explanation do you need :p

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