Introduction: Diskette/Floppy Disk Box

The Floppy Disk is known to any gamer as the saving icon in videogames. During this project I will try to teach you how to use these floppy disks to actually save something in it!

This is a simple project, anyone can make it, and will look cool to any geek or gamer out there!

Hope you have fun and understand the instructions.


- 6 Floppy Disks;
- 1 Layer of Sponge;

- Scissors
- Glue / Glue gun;
- Double Side Glue Tape;

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Box/Storage

To do this step you simply need to glue together five floppy disks on their edges and make sure they are properly lined up to ensure the corners are matching almost perfectly like the picture on the right.

The way the labels are facing is up to you, their orientation it is not relevant, as long as they are forming a 90 degree angle with the other two diskettes.

After this step is complete, you should have an open box to store some itens.
But it would be a lot cooler if you can close this cube and "save" your stuff.

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Lid/ Top Part

Now that the box is made, in order to fully "save" any item you put inside it, the next step is to make the lid or top part of the box.

Using the only floppy disk left, you can put it on top of the square, however it will be extremelly impractical to use and will easilly come off of the box. To prevent this from happening, you will need to place a bit of sponge on the lid in order to close the box propperly. As such, start to cut the sponge into a square slightly smaller than the size of the floppy disk.
Next, use the double glue tape to glue the square of sponge in the center of the floppy disk (If you find it a bit difficult, simply use the same glue you used to connect the other floppy disks).
If done correctly, the lid should not move too much from the top of the box once you have closed it.

Step 3: Step 3: Close the Box and Save Your Itens!

Now that both box and lid are complete, place the lid onto the box and voilá!!! You can now "save" your itens!

I hope these instructions were simple to follow and that you were able to enjoy this project! .

Have fun and thank you!

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