Disney Dress

Introduction: Disney Dress

I'm a HUGE fan of Disney movies and books, so I decided that making a dress completely out of Disney books would be an amazing idea. But I needed to turn this into a project for my animation course so I can get credit for making such a neat idea come to life.

What you will need:
10 different types of Disney themed books
Clear tape
Dress pattern

Step 1: Disney Book Pages

 To make and finish the dress you will need 10 Disney books (different stories).
-Now you will need to rip the pages out has neat as possible. Make sure when ripping the different books apart not to mix the pages around and keep  the same book pages together.

Step 2: Making the Pieces of the Dress

Using the dress pattern pieces lay the book pages under the pattern. Make sure that the pages go pass the dress pattern lines, so the pieces will fit better when you cut them when the whole dress pattern is covered.
After you have all the pieces of pages lead under the dress pattern, tape the pages together to make sure they do not fall apart.
Now with a marker or highlighter outline the dress pattern.( the pages of the books should be longer then the dress pattern)
When the dress pattern is final outlined, cut along the line you had just made.

PROBLEM that may happen:    The Disney books that I have used had words within the images, which I did not want to be on the dress so I had to cut the words out of the picture which adds a few problems for example: The pages became shorter and uneven, but I worked around the problems and came out with a great dress.

Step 3: Putting the Pieces Together

 1.Place two dress pieces that belong together side by side
2.Tape along the edge of the two pieces
3.Tape the inside of the along the edge as well
After taping all the pieces together but before you tape the last two edges together make sure to only tape the bottom of those two pieces. NOT the top, this makes it possible to slide the dress over top of the person who is wearing the dress. After the dress is on you can now finish taping the last two edges.
The only way to get out of the dress is to cut the last piece of tape you put on the dress to hold it up. Then slide the dress back over the persons head. This means you will need help getting in and out of the Disney paper dress.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    May I suggest that you use iron-on fusible interfacing on your next project. It is a thin material backing that has a coating of hot-glue. You can find it in long rolls or cut to fabric length at craft stores. You just iron it on to stick to your next layer. If you cut out your dress pattern from the fusible interfacing, you can laminate the paper pictures turning it into a fabric. Lay out the pictures edge to edge bottom side up first. Same technique to use to make accessories like handbags. Experiment!