Introduction: Disney's Frozen or Winter Woodland Cake

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Disney's Frozen or a winter woodland cake. Topped with evergreen trees, mountains, waterfall made with piping gel and Elsa's ice castle. It requires no specialized cake decorating skills. Change the frosting colors to make summer themes like hiking, bicycling, or hunting. Things you need and related videos are listed below.

Things needed:

10" 2 layer cake

8" 1 layer cake

Light blue and white piping gel

Light blue peppermint ice candy

White buttercream

Winter evergreen trees

Sugar cones

Sugar crystals

1/2 of an 8" round cake board 1

4 X 14 cake board

Milkshake Straws

Disney's Frozen cake toppers

Step 1: Prep an 8" Cake Layer

Cut the layer in half. Attach it to 1/2 of an 8" cake board with white buttercream. Stack the 2 half layers and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Prep a 10 Inch Layer

Stack 2 10" cake layers with white buttercream on a 14X14" cake board. We are going to add our half 8" cake layer in the back of the 10" cake. Mark where the cake will sit. Use milkshake straws to add support in that area. Cut them off at cake level.Add buttercream in that area.

Step 3: Stack the Cake Layers

Stack the cake layers. Then give the entire cake a crumb coat.

Step 4: Make Mountains

You need 4 sugar cones. Take one of the sugar cones and using a serrated knife cut the end off the cone. Then using buttercream attach a sugar cone to the cone you just cut. This will make a taller mountain. Cover all the sugar cones with buttercream and attach them to the cake. Put them in the refrigerator for 15 mins. Then you can add more buttercream to make them look more like mountains. Then frost the cake completely with white buttercream.

Step 5: Make a Waterfall, Stream and Lake

Using an offset spatula, mark out a stream running from behind the far right mountain. Make it wider as it approaches the cliff to make a waterfall. Then make a rounded lake at the bottom of the waterfall. Leave the buttercream rough. Then use blue and white piping gel, frosting in an up and down motion to create the waterfall.

Step 6: Decorate the Cake

Frost the cake board. I made snowy evergreen trees for the cake. I have a video for making them very easily. Bring some of them down onto the cake board. I spread some sugar crystals around the cake and board fro some sparkle. For Elsa's Ice Castle, I made some light blue hard candy and broke it into pieces. Then add your Disney Frozen characters. You could also make this cake for other themes as well by switching out the cake toppers.