Introduction: Disposable Corona Mask

With the situation in UK and the virus taking lives.

I wanted to design an inexpensive easy to make disposable face mask. Using common materials also

simple domestic tools and equipment.

Because a member of the family is risking their health daily, sitting on the check out of a large supermarket

I felt an urgent need to come up with something as safe as possible.

In my kitchen cupboard I had a pack of J Cloths. In my sewing box was some thin Iron on fabric stiffener,

I have a normal very old machine, also a two years old Overlocker. the usual scissors and straight pins.

I enjoy making crafts of mixed media. so pens pencils paper and rulers are the norm in my house.

I now own a more modern phone, that takes photos and have learnt to put them onto my little laptop.

My nature is to want to help, so here goes. This is my very first time at doing this so hope you will bear

with me. I am a Techno dinosaur.

Tools you will need: scissors, ruler, paper, straight pins, an iron, a sewing machine (use the zig zag stitch.)

or an overlocker.( I turned off the knife to do this job.)

Materials you will need : J cloth ( I got mine in my food order from Asda a pack of 10 )size each

A rectangle of Iron on stiffener: I had different thickness, so I chose the lightest as it would be

going on the face.

1. How to : take an A4 piece of paper draw a 10.1/2" X 7" rectangle. (Try 9.1/2"x 6" for a smaller face )

.Divide this in halve (Landscape) and mark the centre line.

2. At the top centre of this. Measure out 1" on each side and mark it with your pen.

3. Aproximatly 2.1/2" along make another mark. (this will be where you cut out a shape for under the eye.)

4. On each side of the rectangle measure 1.1/2" down and mark this AA. From the top carry on down and mark a line at 3.1/2"LetterC. go to the bottom of the paper. right hand corner mark this letter A.

5. Do the same along the Left side of the paper. Join the marks across with a line.

This will be the pattern for the J Cloth material.

For the Filter, That will be put in between the two layers of J cloth. use the fabric stiffener.

1.Take a piece of paper and draw out an 6"x 8" rectangle. place this as a pattern onto the stiffener and cut out.

2.I made the two 10" Ear loops. from the spare strip along the side, when I cut out the J cloth rectangle.

Fold them over length wise and fold again. these are sewn along the length with the overlocker.

there is no need for a pattern for these.its just a 1"x 10" strip. (Or you can use elastic if you prefer.)

To Make up : place the folded J Cloth on the work surface. put paper pattern on and mark out as stated.

1.cut out the shape for under the eye. you can fold the fabric in halve along the centre line, so that the cut outs are equal.

Open the top layer out.

2. place the stiffener rectangle, inside and close the top layer back onto it.

3. Iron over this. (making a sandwich of it.)

4. sew along the outside lines all round. with the overlocker. this gives a good finish.

(If your using the ordinary sewing machine, put the zig zag stich on.)

5. For the Ear Loops: after sewing the straps make a loop ( mine is 4" adjust to fit face size.)

just above the AA line.add the loop, on the inside of the mask and stich to the edge as marked on pattern.

6.To Pleat: Take the corner A up to C. Then fold the C with the A. up to the AA. pin this, to hold at the edge.

7. Sew along the edge with the machine, to hold the pleats firm.

The mask is now complete.the ear loop can be made larger or smaller according to size of face.

The mask should sit snug around the face, as in the picture. adjusting it to suit.

As there are only two items to make this from. It is cheap and disposable. hopefully the filter will

stop the virus getting in. it has not been tested in a lab.

This is my own design and pictures. But is for anyone to use to help save lives.

if you use it and make any money out of it. remember the charities involved. Please donate to them

Step 1: Disposable Face Mask

Material used J cloth

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

when u have finished making.

Spray lightly with detol and leave to air, hold by loop.

then wear( or bag it. self seal. ready for use.)