Introduction: Distance Learning Island!!!

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Hello Everybody! I would like to present to you my project for the distance learning challenge!!! (I know I'm submitting it really late but I hope they accept it because I spent forever on this!!!)

So basically, as you can see I used Tinkercad to create this beautiful island. I mostly used different sized squares to create different objects and pieces on the island. I really love this island because one day I'm gonna live on a island this beautiful with my family!!!

There's houses for people to live in and there's a lighthouse just in case a ship is stranded out at sea and they need to be saved. This image is the Tinkercad Grid image!

Step 1: Create and Export!

After I made it in tinkercad, I exported the model and I put it into Unity 3d. I then added water using a shader pack and some code from the Low Poly water V2 unity package to make it look a little better!

I also put in a background and added some light to the model so people can see it easier!


Thank you!