Introduction: Diy Donuts

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Step 1: Ingredients

~ Glue Gun
~ Needle and Thread
~ Beads
~ Tan felt
~ Pink felt
~ Scissors
~ Stuffing

Step 2: Cutting

Cut 2 circles out of tan felt. Then cut 1 smaller circle in the middle.

Step 3: Sewing

Start by sewing the smallest hole. Then the end of the donut. (Remember: to leave a spot for the stuffing)

Step 4: Stuff

Stuff the donut just enough so it pops up. And sew up the spot you left for the stuffing.

Step 5: Frosting!

Cut a circle a little bit smaller than the donut. And then cut a hole in the middle and add squiggles on the edge.

Step 6: Sew Frosting

Start sewing the outside first then the hole. (Use pins to keep it still)

Step 7: Sprinkles

Now let's wrap up with some yummy sprinkles! Just sew on some beads on top of the frosting. And your done! Now you can try different combinations. I hope you enjoyed this instructable

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