Introduction: Diy Easy Journal

Super semplified version of a mini leather journal. It may take one hour to do and just some scrap material!

I used my leftover paper from a good quality drawing sheets, and a piece of recycled leather.


Scrap paper
Piece of leather of the needed shape
Thick paper
Linen cord

Step 1: Make the Booklets

Cut some rectangle of paper and fold the in half. Place one in the other, as many page as you want them to be. Make enough to fill up your book, I made 4 with 8 pages each.

Step 2: Form the Journal

Cut a larger rectangle in a thicker piece of paper, wrap the booklets. This will be your inside folder.

Step 3: Poke Holes

Marketing 4 line on the side of the booklets, as in photo, and than poke holes in them with the awl.

Step 4: Poke Holes in the Folders

Now poke the holes in the two forswears, make sure they are at the same distance of the ones in the booklets!

Step 5: Sew

Wax some thick linen cord, and start sewing your journal, booklet by booklet.

Make a double knot at the start and end.

Step 6: Add the Closure

Stitch a piece of leather cord, or place a snap button t keep your book closed and safe!

Step 7: Done!

Ready to go out and do some nature journaling!

Thank you for watching

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