This is a super easy and natural way to remove oil stains from fabric, that my grandma taught me.

(It work both with fresh and old stains).

No need for harsh chemical laundry soap anymore!

It take only few minutes, doesn't effect the color of your fabric, and is very effective.


You only need talk powder, but if you are in a hurry, or the oil spot is very wide, you may need a fabric towel or handkerchief and an iron.


Sprinkle a lot of talk on the oil spot, enough to cover it all with a few mm layer.

Press a little the talk with your fingers over the entire spot.

Step 3: WAIT...

Wait few minutes, or until the oil get all absorbed, it can take up to 10 or 15 minutes, depending on how large is the spot.

Step 4: SHAKE

Shake the fabric and see if all the oil as get absorbed, if not, repeat the operation until it is all gone.

(for small spots usually once is enough).

Do not scrub away the talk with your finger, as you may end up ruining a little the surface of the fabric.


In case your spot is very large, or you are in a hurry to wear your favorite t-shirt, cover the spot with talk powder, place a soft fabric towel on top of it, and iron it at medium temperature (or not more than the temperature as directed on your fabric label).

Shake and repeat if necessary.

Step 6: WASH IT

If needed wash your fabric to rinse out all the talk powder.

This method will work for most kind of oil and grease spots, but will only remove the fat, not the color of the oil.

So it work really well for vegetable oils, mineral oils, butter etc...(in most cases you may not even need to wash the fabric afterwords), but if your oil was pigmented, off course, you may need to wash your fabric to remove any stains.

Step 7: DONE

Done, this is the most effective and cleaner way I found to remove oil spots from fabric, and doesn't mess up your clothes.

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