Introduction: Diy Evolution Coaster (Diresta Speed Inspired)

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A coaster out of reclaimed bathroom material. Made for evolution tools.

you can make it with a cnc, but you might as well carve some design with a knife and use the same steps ;-)

Step 1: Overall View Plus Video. in Following Steps We Show Details.

i first like to show you the youtube video. it was shot in some kind of diresta style speedfilm to not bore you out :D.

Step 2: Find/reclaim Wood

ok, so i used some oaklike wood that came froam an old bathroom insert from the shower.

i first cut all the bad parts out, and look for the best salvaged wood.

we cut it to the size we want.

Step 3: Cleaning+ Glue Up

so the parts we can use we will sand down so all old varnish and dirt is gone.

next we glue them together with woodglue and clamp them for a day (or an hour, my time was up anyway :))

Step 4: Flattening + Carving

next i use my cnc manually to make a flat surface. you can use a plainer too, but for me this was more convenient.

when it is perfectly flat, i let the cnc cut out the work. i made a design in sketchup and send it via g-code to the cnc. (arduino grbl powered)

Step 5: Filling the Carvings and Finishing

next i use a gapfiller and fill all the carvings.

let it harden for a day.

then we use a sander to get all the remainings off and let only the letters filled with the filler.

this way we get a very nice contrast and the board is completely flat and easy to clean afterwards.

for finishing i also use some lineseedoil from the grocerystore. let it dry up, and we have a nice reclaimed coaster with a personal text :-).

Disclamier: spelllingmiskates could be made in this txet. dont worry. i dont speak like this ;-).

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