Introduction: Diy Face Mask for Summer

Many people need a hat to protect from the sun while working. And We have to use a mask because of the coronavirus.

Using a mask can be difficult when wearing a hat.

Let's make our own mask with the hat.


  • Cap
  • PVC (We need 2 different PVC thick and thin)
  • Elastic band

  • Acetate paper
  • Scissors
  • Velcro

  • A strong adhesive

Step 1: Clo 3D Designs

I prepared my model using the Clo 3D.

Step 2: Let's Start

  • I cut the thick pvc for the head.
  • I wore elactic band to back of thick PVC.
  • I affixed thin PVC under the thick PVC.So I created a zone for acetate.
  • Then I cut the asetate to be a mask.

Step 3:

  • I pasted velcro top of the thin PVC.
  • I fixed plastic on the acetat.

  • I pasted to velcro on the plastic too.

  • So we can use this product without an acetat .

Step 4: How Does It Look

We can use this design with the our hats.