Introduction: Diy Magic Ink!

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This looks like regular ink, but while playing with it I found it has a property that no other ink has...

... it does not color paper!

Step 1: You Will Need:


Something to take the nib off with.

A transparent jar.


White printer paper.

Step 2: Starting

First fill half of the jar with water, we may add more later.

Break the nib off the pen and blow the ink out while the pen is submerged. DON'T SUCK THROUGH THE PEN!

There is very little ink inside of a ballpen, but don't worry, it will be enough.

The picture shows what it looks like when you blow ink underwater.

Step 3: Mixify!

When all the ink is out, it will look like this.

You will have to stir really fast so it mixes with the water.

When it mixes, it will look like picture 3, if it is too dark, add more water, if it is too light, add more ball ink.

Step 4: Dip the Paper In!

The ink doesn't dye the paper!


*Not really, remember when I said we mixed the ink?

Well, oil based ink does not mix with water, it just breaks into tiny pieces and looks like it mixed.

In the 3rd pic, you can see the ink is more dense at the top rather than the bottom, because it is oil, and oil is less dense than water, meaning that it will float!

When we dip the paper in, the oil finds it hard to cling onto the paper, leaving it colorless.

Step 5: Thanks for Reading!

Hope you enjoy making your own crazy ink, if you do, give me a vote in the contest!

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