Introduction: Diy: Make Your Own Brochure Holder From a Tissue Box

If you've ever had a need for one or two brochure holders to display your message at markets, at your club, or other limited applications, you've probably wondered if you could somehow make your own from something around the house.

Here we show you how you can recycle an empty facial tissue box into a brochure holder suitable to display DL or trifold brochures and the price couldn't be better, it's FREE. You're being kind to the environment too, the tissue box gets another life as a display product. Of course you could also use any other empty packaging box such as cereal packs and you can adjust the measurements to suit other sized brochures. To see the captions a little clearer, zoom in with your web browser. © EZIPOP

We'll leave it to you to decorate your brochure holder how you like, we actually like the look of the plain brown board. If you need more than one or two brochure holders, take a look at our Generic EZIPOPs, we can supply as few as 5 if that's all you need.

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