Introduction: Diy Phone Charger/holder

Hi everyone my name is Janessa and I have put a lot of effort into this project it took me a while to type all the steps but it was all worth it so please vote, comment, and like

Enjoy !!!!

Step 1: Materials

The materials that are needed to make the diy phone charger/holder are....


2.A pen/marker


4.Duct Tape (optional)

5.Hot Glue Gun

6.Hot glue sticks

7.Paint (optional)


9.A ruler

10.A phone

11. A charger

Step 2: Cutting Cardboard

Fist you are going to...

1.get your C.D. And place it on the cardboard

2.start tracing circles around the C.D. until you have 12 circles

3.after you are done with the 12 circles get your ruler and start to trace a line twords the end of of the circle (they must be even)

4.then cut them all out

Step 3: Add Your Phone

1.Place your phone half way on the round side of the circle

2.Trace around your phone and at the bottom draw a line where the charger will go

3.Cut out the out the 2 parts on the sides that you just traced

4.Keep tracing the 2 parts on the cardboard until you have 4 sets of 2

5.Then grab 3 more cardboard circles and cut out a space for your charger

Step 4: Glueing It All Together

1.when you are done with the 3 start glueing them together with your hot glue gun make sure they are all lined up

2. Then start gluing your side pieces that you got from your phone together

3. And finally with the last five pieces glue them on the opposite side of the ones with the whole for the charger

4. Decorate any way you want

In the first picture there is only two but i forgot to take picture's so i glued it on accident

Step 5: Voting

Hope you guys were able to do this project with me. Please vote for me in the first time authors contest and the homemade gifts contests please vote!!!!!! Thank you!

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