Introduction: Diy Sock Mask

here are the necessary supplies:

sock, coffee filter, scissors (or knife), needle and thread (or safety pins/tape)

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Step 1: Preparing the Materials

Step 1: make cuts on sock like so to separate into three parts

also use remainder (top ankle part of sock) and cut into two skinny pieces as a sort of string (will fasten on face mask later)

Step 2: Connect Filter to Mask

Step 2: use your needle and thread or safety pins or whatever is at your disposal to connect the filter to the mask like so

then cut small holes on the top sides of the mask where the filter corners are as well as two at the bottom middle of the mask

this filter part is what makes your mask any better than just putting your shirt over your face

Step 3: Connect Mask Fasteners and Tie

Step 3: loop the string like pieces from the long part of the sock through each end of the mask where you cut holes. Two at the top and two at the bottom. Then fasten the mask on your face like so and tie tight to your desired comfort.

And now you're done!