Introduction: Diy Tyre Ottoman

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Hi, I made a tyre Ottoman from my old Car Tyres.

Step 1: Need to Collect Perfect Size of Tyre As Per Your Need

Wash and clean the tyre thoroughly

Step 2: Sourcing the Perfect Plywood.

a plywood of half inch will do. In India i got this plywood at reuse wood store which costed me 200Rs nearly 4$. Cut the ply in a circular shape taking proper measurements

Step 3: Drilling

Drill your lower base ply so that the tyre stays in place.

Step 4: Drill Ball Wheels

i decided to use ball wheels instead of wooden legs.

Step 5: Brushing Oil Paint

the oil paint used is Aqua Marine and white.

Step 6: Cushion

sourced right fabric and foam to make a comfy seat. used Speb 7 for pasting

Step 7: