Introduction: Diy Satin Flower, Wedding Hair Accessoire

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I love making this flowers. This beautiful and unique flower is perfect for hair wedding accessoire and is on a budget!

Also it can be used as a accessoire for clothes and etc.

This flower is made with the japanese kanzashi technique. There are so many beautiful designs that can be created with this technique.

Step 1: Materials

The materials for this flower are:

- Satin fabric

- Scissors

- Glue gun

- Half pearls

- Tweezers

- Lighter

- Pearl chain

- Felt

- Universal glue

- Clip of your choice

Step 2: Measurements and Types of Petals

For this flower you need to cut 24 squares.

For the first layer you will need 12 squares with measurements: 8x8cm / 3,1 inches

For the second layer you will need the same as for the first layer.

Step 3: Make the Petals for the First Layer

Take two squares and fold them in half and melt the top part of the triangle so it will not unfold.

Put the triangles on top of each other and fold the sides to the top of the triangle as is shown in the pictures.

Then fold in half to the back and cut the pointy part of the petal, press with the tweezers and melt with the lighter to seal everything together.

After this cut the back part of the petal a little bit as in the picture and melt with the lighter and the petal is ready.

Step 4: Make the Petals for the Second Layer

To make the second type of petal use the technique from the previous one for the first step.

Then press the top part of the petal and melt with the lighter to create pointy petal, and the petal is ready.

Step 5: Make the First Layer of the Flower

For the first layer you need six double petals. Take a petal and put glue on the side of the petal and add the second petal as is shown on the picture.Press them together with tweezers.In the same way add all the other petals.

And the first layer is ready!

Step 6: Add the Top Layer of the Flower

For the second layer you will need 6 double pointy petals.

Take the first petal, add hot glue on the back and put it on the top between the two petals of the first layer as is shown. Add all the other petals the same way and the flower is almost ready.

Step 7: Decorate the Flower

The decorations are totally optional.

Cut from the pearl chain pieces approximately 2,5 inches ( 5 , 6 cm). You will need six pieces.

Put hot glue on the both ends of the pearl chain piece and place it in the both inside corners of the petals from the first layer as shown. Add all pieces the same way.

Add the center of the flower with hot glue.

After this add the half pearls.

For this step use glue for beads or universal glue to make sure that the pearls will stay in place and not fall out later.

Add glue on the back of the pearl and place it on the petal as is shown on the picture. Place pearls in all the petals from the top layer.

Step 8: Last Finishes

Cut a felt circle with diameter 2 inches and glue it on the back of the flower and after glue a clip of your choice.

Here i am using a clip that can be used for hair and for clothes.

And the flower is ready!

Step 9: Check Out the Video for More Details!

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