Introduction: How to Make Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset | Turn Your Old Smartphone Into Virtual Reality Headset

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In this Instructable i made my own virtual reality headset from cardboard,only a couple of hours is needed to build this if you are interesed please go ahead

Kindly Bear With My English

Full video of making is available in the last step

Step 1: Sketches

Download the sketches from google...just google vr cardboard sketches,download it and printout is taken

Step 2: Paper Cutting

All the instructions are present in the sketch downloaded..

After cutting it will look something like this

Step 3: Cardboard Cutting

place the sketches on cardboard and cut as per the dimensions as mentioned in sketch

Step 4: Making Lens Holder

I got lens from old broken out vr headset,fix in the slot of cardboard obtained after cutting

Step 5: Assembly Steps

All these are steps performed for assemblyof cardboard

Step 6: Strap Attachment

I got strap from my old broken vr headet,ive used it here which act as a support for holding overall setup

Thank you for your patience and time to read this instructable


Step 7: Video of Making Virtual Reality Headset

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