Introduction: Dobby Charcoal Drawing

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw Dobby with charcoal, he is the most famous domestic elf of the Harry Potter movies.


Charcoal or drawing paper

Charcoal (pencil or bar)

Charcoal rubber


Spray lacquer

A photo of Dobby to be copied

Step 1: First Lines

Draw the outline and approximate shapes without squeezing the charcoal. Don't worry about the details because they will be made later. When everything is fitted and has the right proportions you can review the correct lines by squeezing a little more.

You can erase all the lines you have left.

IMPORTANT WARNING: do not blur with your finger or you will not be able to erase it with the eraser.

Step 2: Shadows and Details

Now you have to go part by part shading and drawing the details. Pay close attention to the tones and the lights and shadows. Evenly darken from less to more and remember: don't blur with your fingers!

The blur is the tool used to blur. The lights are made by leaving the space blank or/and erasing with the rubber.
The rubber can be molded to make the lights as fine and small as you need.

Pay special attention to the eyes if you want to achieve the right expression.

You can leave the background white, make a gradient or paint it black. Don't be afraid to try new techniques!

When it is finished sign the drawing and apply the lacquer following the instructions of the spray.
It is important to fix the charcoal and not to inadvertently blur the drawing.

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