Introduction: The TARDIS

The Tardis is Doctor Who's time machine. In this tutorial we will learn how to build a blue box with the shape of the Tardis, with light included.



-Acrylic paint dark blue color and intense

-White cardboard

-White featherboard 5 and 2 mm thick

-Bottle stack -Cable (40 cm)

-Small bulb

-Small switch




-White glue





Step 1: Sketch and Pieces

First of all, you have to think about how big you want to make it. You must draw a sketch and calculate the corresponding measures, for example: 30 cm height and 10 cm side of the base. Draw all the pieces and make sure nothing is missing, you can try several designs, do not worry if you take too long in this step because if you do well you will save a lot of trouble when you are building.

Once you know what pieces you need and what size it is time to get to work. Draw the right size pieces on the featherboard and cut them with a cutter. Check that nothing is missing.

You can paint the pieces now or at the end.

Step 2: The Roof and the Circuit

Take the pieces that make up the roof and glue all the pieces except the base with white glue. Remember to leave the hole for the bulb. Plan the circuit: the pile will be glued to the base and attached to the switch. The switch must protrude to be able to switch on and off from the outside, you can put it to one side or underneath. The switch should attach it to the bulb and the bulb back to the battery. The bulb will be placed on top of the roof. Once the circuit is mounted and you have checked that it works you can glue the base.

Step 3: Finish Assembly

Take the rest of the pieces. You must glue the pieces with white glue and make sure that the lower part fits the lid (the roof) and that it does not fall when you leave it standing. If you haven't painted them it's time, if you've already painted it you can give a second coat.

Step 4: The Details

For windows cut pieces of cardboard in the shape of # and stick it on the upper windows, paint the bottom of the window white and the carpentry blue. You will need 8 in total.

Choose one of the sides to be the door, there you must stick the poster in the left window. In the lower part of the roof you must stick the posters "Police box". The sign at the entrance and the latter you can find on the Internet ready to print. Make sure everything is properly painted and glued.

Step 5: It's Ready

Prove that everything is fine and it's ready! You can put it inside if you want, if it is a gift you can put some surprise and wrap it with gift wrap.

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