Introduction: Dog Agility Jump Cups

For agility practice or just for some fun with your pup, homemade jumps are great. There are many free plans on the Web. Most of them recommend purchasing the cups to hold the crossbars but I was in a hurry so I made these with parts from Lowe's.

Step 1: Purchase Saddle Clips

These will be with the PVC fittings in most stores. They are designed to be clipped and glued onto an existing 1" irrigation pipe. Lowe's item 188230, PVC Saddle Tee 1" to 3/4". The website has it listed incorrectly: search "Lasco PVC tee" and scroll down. The smaller one is properly labeled.

Step 2: Make Horizontal Cut

Secure the saddle tee in a vise and use a saw to cut through the threaded cylinder about 2/3 way through. I used a hacksaw.

Step 3: Make Vertical Cut

Then saw straight down to remove the rest of the cylinder.

Step 4: Smooth the Edges With a Rotary Tool

I used the grinder to smooth all the cuts and then remove the threads.

Step 5: Attach to 1" PVC Upright

The cups slide right onto the 1" PVC uprights. You can slide them up and down to adjust the height for your pup. The assembled jump also shows a little trick to avoid having to purchase 4-way fittings for the base; just cut a short piece of pipe to join two regular tee footings, rotating one so it points across the base to make a stable crossbar.