Dog Cone Collar Alternative

Introduction: Dog Cone Collar Alternative

Our Boston Terrier puppy was so pitiful and unhappy wearing a dog cone after being spayed. We wanted to find a low cost alternative that would be more comfortable for her.

Step 1: Get a Foam Cervical Collar

We happened to have a 3" universal cervical collar stored away at home. Turned out this was the perfect size to fit comfortably around our puppy's neck and prevent her from reaching her spay area.

Fit the collar around the puppy's neck so that it is not too tight but also not too loose and secure it with the collar straps.

Step 2: Use Standard Duct Tape to Secure the Collar

Wrap standard 2" duct tape completely around the cervical collar, overlapping the tape to secure it.

Again make sure the collar is not too tight and not too loose.

Step 3: Happy Comfortable Puppy

Our puppy was much happier and very comfortable in her new collar. She was not able to get at her spay stitches, which was the goal. She was still able to get at her rear area, which in our case did not matter. She wore it continuously for 2 weeks.

You will have to determine if this type of collar will work for your particular situation. For us - it was great!

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    5 years ago

    I hope she's feeling better now. :) Be careful about things around their necks that don't have breakaway latches, the vet clinic my mom worked for used to see a lot of accidents.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks - yes she is better now. You are so right to comment to be careful - we kept her inside for her whole recovery period. Best to always keep a close eye on any pet going through recovery from surgery.