Introduction: Dog House

I am a serious DIY enthusiast; a true believer.

So, when my fiancé came home with the two smallest fluff balls, it was instinct to grab my sketchpad and start drawing ideas for their new home.

Step 1: Materials

I used 3mm MDF wood for their home

I created a vector of the house and cut out the panels using my laser engraving and cutting machine. At the end, I used wood glue to secure the finger joints between the panels.

Step 2: Laser Parameters

To cut the wood I used

  • Power 80
  • Speed 10

To engrave the wood I used

  • Power 30
  • Speed 300

Step 3: Sizing

The house I made for my fur-babies was 350mm x 250mm x 230mm. However, the vector is adjustable. So you can make it as big as you want to.

Step 4: Assembling

The sides of the outer wall panels all have finger joints. This means that they fit into each other and lock in place. Attach the sides (narrow pieces with window cut outs) to the front (panel with dog face opening) and to the back (panel with the paws and bones cut outs). Once all outer wall panels are joined, connect to the base plate (the base plate has slots where the outer wall panels join). Next, join the two roof panels to the top of the side panels.

Designer Tip: Varnish each individual panel before assembling. This will make the house waterproof and easier to clean. Designer Tip: You can also paint the house in any colour before you varnish the panels. Designer Tip: I used wood glue after I assembled the outer walls together. then along the base plate floor. and finally applied to the roof joiners. The reason for this was to ensure that the house stays in place. Designer Tip: The cut outs that I got from cutting the back panel, I glued some to the base plate and the side panel above the windows.

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