Introduction: Dog No Pull Harness / Halter

This Dog Halter / Harness stops your dog pulling instantly.

My dog pulls constantly with a lead attached to her collar as well as with a normal walking harness. This was making taking her for walks extremely unpleasant. I went to the pet store to see what other options I had left.

They showed me an expensive "No Pull Halter" but it was $50!! I tried the original one on her at the pet store and it did work instantly but I thought the concept looked relatively simple so I made my own.

I made this one for less than $10 AUD.

Step 1: Materials

Step 1:


Dog Lead - The lead must be made of a thick rope and round to prevent rubbing against dog. (Can be picked up at a cheap store for approx $5)

Dog Car / Walking Harness - Get the right size to fit your dog. This also can be picked up   at a cheap store for approx $6.

Cable Ties


Step 2: Preparing the Car / Walking Harness

Step 2:

Remove the chest plate from the harness.

Cut off the part that clips around the dogs chest.

Cut off the seat belt loop.

The main reason for using a Car / Walking Harness is it has the all important metal loop already attached. It is also easily adjustable and easy to clip together.

Step 3: Making the Halter

Step 3:

Take the dog leash and loop it through itself so it is firmly attached to the collar part directly in front of the dogs throat.

Step 4: Secure the Loop

Step 4:

Secure the loop in front of the dogs neck with a cable tie.

Step 5: Cut the Clip Off and Secure

Step 5:

Bring each side of the lead in under the dogs 'armpits' and up towards the dogs back.

Cut off the clip on one side of the lead.

Depending on the size of your dog and the lead you may need to cut the lead down.

Aim for the loop of the lead to be 20-25cm from the dogs back when pulled tight.

Step 6: Secure With Cable Ties

Step 6:

Secure the two sides of the leash togther with 4-5 Cable Ties pulled tight.

Step 7: Attach to Your Normal Dog Lead and Your Done

Step 7:

Attach your normal dog lead to the loop of the halter that has been pulled through the metal ring.

For some reason the dog really does not like the sensation of the lead pulling under its armpits.

When the dog doesn't pull the loops under the armpits hang reasonably loose.

It would only rub if the dog pulled too much but for some reason they don't want to pull at all!

This has made walking my dog a pleasure not a battle!!