Introduction: Dog Pop-Up Card

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I designed this card for a friend's birthday, using a photo of her Welsh Terrier as inspiration for the dog. I've included a blank template for the bunting, so you can personalise the card with a name of your choice. There are two bunting templates, in case the name you want to use has more than 6 letters.

I used the Print then Cut function on the Cricut Maker® to create the bunting layer and used the Cricut® machine to automatically draw the dog, paw prints and text. It also scored the fold lines and cut the shapes out. You could also make the card with a different vinyl cutter or use a printer to print out all the elements and cut them out with scissors instead.


  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Cricut® Design Space software
  • Cricut Maker®
  • Cricut® LightGrip Mat
  • Cricut® Fine-Point Blade
  • Cricut® Single Scoring Wheel or Scoring Stylus
  • Cricut® Pens (I used Black and Honeysuckle - 0.4 Tip)
  • Kraft Card (1 sheet of A4 or Letter)
  • White Paper for the bunting layer(1 sheet of A4 or Letter)
  • White Card for dog (at least 10x7cm)
  • Colour Paper for the ball (at least 4x4cm)
  • Black, Brown and Light Yellow Felt Tip Pens (I used ProMarker Black, Henna and Buttercup)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (e.g Bostik or UHU® All Purpose Glue)

If you are using a printer and scissors instead of a cutting machine, you don't need any Cricut® supplies.

Step 1: Add the Cutting Files to Cricut Design Space

Download the Bunting and Dog Pop-Up Card cutting files:

  • To download the Dog Pop-Up Card file, click on the Download link at the bottom of this step
  • To download the Bunting file, click on More Images button above, choose the 6 or 8 flag design and click to open it full size, right click on the image and click Save As.

Open a new project in Cricut® Design Space

Upload the Bunting file:

  • Click Upload and then Upload Image
  • Browse and select the Bunting file you just downloaded
  • Select the Simple image type and click Continue twice
  • Select Save as a Print then Cut Image and click Save.
  • Select the image from the Recently Uploaded Images area and click Insert Images

Resize the Bunting image width to 10.5cm and height to 21cm.

Upload the Dog Pop-Up Card file:

  • Click Upload and then Upload Image
  • Browse and select the Dog Pop-Up Card file
  • Click Open and Save
  • Select the image from the Recently Uploaded Images area and click Insert Images

With the Dog Pop-Up Card image selected, click Ungroup

Step 2: Prepare the Pop-Up Mechanism

Drag the cursor around the Pop-Up Mechanism lines and click Group to keep them together

Select the bunting layer as well, and click Align > Center to automatically position them in the right place

Click away and then select the Pop-Up Mechanism layer and click Ungroup

Delete this outer rectangle on the Pop-Up Mechanism layer. It was just there to help align everything

Select all the horizontal lines and change the Line Type to Score. These will be folded to make the pop-up mechanism

Step 3: Set the Lines to Cut, Score and Draw

Select all the lines on the Main Card and the Dog and set the line type to Draw

Change the line colour of the eyebrows and fur around the nose to a light yellow (I used Honeysuckle)

Select the outer lines of both objects and change the line type to Cut

Change the fold line on the Main Card to Score.

Step 4: Personalise the Bunting

Click the Text button, and type the first letter of the recipients name

Drag the arrow button on the bottom right to resize the letter to fit inside the flag

Use the rotation button on the top right to match the angle of flags

Set the line type to Draw

Copy and Paste the letter and double click to type the next letter in the name. Do this for each letter in the name, rotating them to match the angle of the flags.

If some of the letters don't fit in the flags, select them all and make them smaller.

Step 5: Attach the Objects Together

Drag the cursor around each object and click Attach to tell the Cricut® which bits go together

Click Make It

Step 6: Print and Cut the Bunting Layer

With the Bunting layer selected, click Continue and Send to Printer

Uncheck the bleed option and click Print

The Cricut® will print a black line around the image to know where the design is on the page. The paper needs to go on the cutting mat in the same position as shown on the virtual cutting mat, so if your paper has printed with a large white space at the top, cut it off to match the virtual one.

Step 7: Automatically Draw and Cut the Shapes

Connect the computer to the Cricut® and set the Base Material to Copy Paper

Load the tools in the Cricut as shown on your screen. If you’re using the Scoring Stylus, you can select it from the Edit Tools option

Press the flashing Go button on the Cricut® to start the machine

When it pauses, change the tool as prompted on your screen and press the Go button to continue

When it’s finished, unload the mat and remove the finished parts

Tip: To stop the paper from curling, turn the mat upside down on a clean surface and peel the mat away from the paper

To make the other sheets, choose the material that best matches the card stock you’re using. You won’t need to print anything else.

Step 8: Assemble the Card

Fold along all the score lines

Colour in the dog, letters and paw prints. Tip: Before colouring in the paw prints test your felt tip pen on a scrap piece of Kraft card to make sure the colour isn't visible from the underside. I found the the black ProMarker showed through, so used an ink drawing pen instead.

Add a bit of glue to the pop-up mechanism and attach the dog and ball

Glue the bunting layer inside the card