Introduction: Dog Temperament Test- Before You Adopt

There are a few things to be considerate of before adopting a dog: Among those listed below are a few key considerations: 1. Give the dog a bone, treat, toy then take it away-- if they nip at you, tense up or growl: this is a sign of food/toy/possession aggression and should not be ignored. It is difficult to work with dogs who are already showing signs of aggression and even harder to reverse. 2. Get the dogs background info, don't feel like you're being rude or annoying when asking questions--- this could be your future dog! Don't skimp on information. Take the test!

Step 1: Approach the Dog to Pet Under His Chin

Don't throw your fist at him to lick, instead approach him but let him sniff you, then gently stroke under his chin. Does he: submit to your touch, meeting you kindly Does he: turn his head away, lower his ears Does he: nibble at your hand or jerk his head around anxiously.

Step 2: Make a Loud Noise in an Enclosed Area

Like closing the lid of a trash can or swatting a newspaper: Does he: look and become alert, but shows interest/ or just ignores the noise Does he: cower and shy away, tuck his tail Does he: get startled and Jolt.

Step 3: Take the Dog for a Walk on a Leash

Does he: Allow you to put the collar and leash on him and walk beside or behind you Does he: Cower when you try to walk him or shy away Does he: Bite the leash or pull tremendously, chasing small animals or people.

Step 4: If You Answered Mostly

The first set of outcomes: he is a good match, calm yet curious, confident yet not too dominant. The second set of outcomes: fearful/shy submissive dog. Be careful when adopting a dog like this: most likely better in low energy homes with adults The third set of outcomes: dominant assertive/ possibly aggressive dog. Be careful when feeding this dog, as they might have some food aggression and could be prone to biting.