Introduction: Dog Toy From Recycled Pants

How to make a braided dog toy from recycling pants.

Step 1: Supplies Used

Two pairs of pants
Sewing needle
Strong thread

Step 2: Remove Zippers

Removed the zippers from the bottom of the pant legs. We don't want our baby chewing on these.

Step 3: Cut

We wanted as much fabric as possable. Cut legs off of both pairs of pants.

Step 4: Fold

Fold three of the pant legs so they are somewhat the same width.

Step 5: Sew

Hand sew the ankle ends together

Step 6: Braid and Sew

Braid the three strands together. Keep the braid as tight as possable. It is helpful to have someone help hold the ankle end while you braid.

After you are done braiding hand sew the end.

Step 7: Happy Dog

Look how happy our fur baby is!