Introduction: Doggie Organizer

Everyone loves cute and simply reusable D.I.Y projects with things around the house. But people love organization more. With this cute, organized, and very functional dog food, leash, and harness holder all your puppy needs and necessities are right at your fingertips with your hanging dog organizer. I added more girly touches, that way you can present where ever you keep all of your puppies toys, food, leashes/harness, and treats. I wanted some color on my instructable, so I added a baby blue chalk like paint to give a fresh light tone to it. When it came to the writing and drawing the paw prints, I used a basic thick, black sharpie.


  • hanging wood blank canvas sign
  • baby blue chalk like paint
  • wash rag
  • black sharpie
  • pipe holdings
  • 4" screws
  • 2" drill bit
  • two drills
  • screw-in hooks
  • trash bag
  • dog food/treats
  • mason jars
  • leash
  • harness/collar

Step 1: Painting

  1. Lay out a trash bag or a towel to ensure that you won't drip paint onto the ground surface.
  2. Dab a dry wash rag/towel into your paint, but make sure you don't have a too much paint so you don't drip.
  3. In a horizontal sweeping motion, run the rag down the boards to create a smooth, light covering with the .paint.
  4. Once you have finished painting your front surface, turn to paint the sides and the top of your hanging wood frame.
  5. Repeat each step twice to guarantee a good coverage on the wood.

Step 2: Securing the Mason Jars Onto the Boards

  1. Place the mason jars in the spot you would like to keep them and with a pencil mark.
  2. Measure your straps and then cut them with a generic scissors ( 2 straps per jar).
  3. After cutting them out, take four 4" nails and drill them into the boards to secure the jars.

Step 3: Adding in Your Screw Hooks

  1. With a pencil, mark two places on the wood where you want to place your hooks.
  2. Then take a drill with a 2" bit and drill in a 1 cm hole to start screwing in your hooks.
  3. Turn until the screw portion of the hook is tight, secured, and facing upright.

Step 4: Writing

  1. With a thick black sharpie, in whatever font you like write out your animals name(s) and add whatever little drawing you prefer.

Step 5:

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