Introduction: Doggy Hat

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The plush toy dog has become an automated hat. A servo motor with cardboard lever arm moves the head randomly, controlled by a battery powered Arduino Uno.

No stuffed animals were injured during the construction of this project.


Standard servo motor

Arduino Uno

(4) AA batteries

Battery container for 4 AA batteries




Step 1:

In a room with no small children present, remove the stuffing from a plush dog.

Step 2:

Cut two strips of cardboard, long enough to reach from the body of the dog to the end of the dog's mouth.

Step 3:

Glue the two strips of cardboard together and fasten them to the servo motor horn.

Step 4:

Attach the cardboard lever to the servo motor.

Step 5:

Find a suitable box (this one was about 8 inches by 8 inches by 2 inches) and cut a space that corresponds to the head shape of the intended user.

Step 6:

Insert the motor/lever arm into the stuffed (well. . . not stuffed now) animal.

Step 7:

Add hook & loop tape to the bottom of the motor.

Step 8:

Using the tape, stick the dog to the top of the box. Let the head hang over the front a bit.

Step 9:

Program the Arduino with this sketch. Connect the wiring according to this schematic.

Step 10:

Attach the Arduino and the battery box using the hook & loop tape.

Step 11:

Be certain that the battery box protrudes over the edge so that the on/off switch is reachable.

Turn the switch on, place the hat on your head and your dog will be the life of the party!

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