Introduction: Doghouse 2 Story Polynesian Style With Removable Roof for Summer .

Started this from another 2 story doghouse and hides where the wood panels meet.; During winter the top story needed a bit more protection against wind and cold . The doghouse is NOT exposed to rain (since it is under another roof eve , next to our main entrance door.


Got the idea for the roof from some polynesian drawings . Where you bent 2 pieces of 1/6" plywood and have them screwed together onto a 2x2" post ; that forms the ridge of the roof.

The back of this Polynesean style shape roof is also a 1/6" plywood ; screwed aswell onto some pieces of 2x2" blocks.

For stability , the bended vertical plywood is screwed into the base of the 2 story doghouse.

It can be dismantled in 10 minutes by reversed unscrewing. and becomes 3 pieces of flat plywood , to easily store during summer.

To decorate the roof

1 : On the outside it is painted with a redish wood varnish (inside of doghouse is not painted)

2. On top of the ridge I added a metal sheet 2 x 2 " corner profile --- leftover from a roof project , that hides where the plywood meets.

3. The whitish edge of the front plywood verticals of the roof is a round plastic Cable hider ( mine is Beige (not white as picture) ) that I cut at the edge and slides over the 1/6" edge , and gives it a nice finish.

The dimensions of the doghouse are 2.5 Ft wide x 2 Ft deep by 2 Ft high.

Step 1:

Step 2: