Introduction: Doll House - Cardboard Recycle

I can do it!
My last project to the contest. I already make others doll houses to my daughter, daughter's friends, but a long time ago.
When my daugther ask me about the doll house (if I don't put it to contest), we resolved make one (I still didn't finish yet), and this is a 6 hours result (she give me a big hand to that).

Step 1: Material

-Cardboard box (enough)
-Hot glue
-Acetate for windows (if you want)
-A sawhand
- adhesive tape

Step 2: Cut the Pieces

Depending of the cardboard box size you have, the measures can be changed, then I put a example measure (that is my cardboard box measures).
To front and back house, I used 2 parts of the box (same size).
To the lateral side of house, I initially cut a retangular shape (4 parts) and only arrange the roof after fix the lateral side with glue.(I took off the rest later).
See the photos. I draw the door and windows on the cardboard.
Measure the doll proportions and make a project consider that the doll need pass through the door.
I will not give many write informations, but a photografic walkthrough.
Soon it's possible, I will post my project draw that including these measures.
Follow the photos steps and everything is gonna be all right...

Step 3: Cut the Windows and Door

The door and window bed room should be cut not in totally. The uncut part works like a hinge.
To cut windows without open a large hole, use the saw and slowly open a fissure and do the rest of the job after you open this space (see photos).

Step 4: Assembly

First, lets make the roof.
Decide the floor size (in my case, I use 16 cm).
In the upside, I mark a line distant 4 cm of the border and from this line, another line with 16 cm apart (this measure is same of the floor). Then, press something on the line to make a easy fold.

Fold as the pictures show and fix with hot glue (the 4cm line coincident with the line ceilling).
Clip or use adhesive tape to hold until the glue dry.

Step 5: Assembly (cont.)

Now, the sides.
Put glue in the 2 laterals border of the front (and back) and fix the retangular shapes in.
Align the upside (now in triangle shape) of the opposite side and fix with glue. See more instructions in the photos.

Step 6: Assembly (cont.)

After to fix the lateral parts, fix the floor, like you fix the laterals.
If you desire walls inside the house, put before fix the floor and remove with the saw the "remains" (see picture).
Reinforce the junctions with glue (inside and outside).
Cut the excedent material (roof)

Step 7: Assembly Is Almost Finish

Before finish the assembly, you must paint or paste wallpaper or other materials to give the house a better aspect. Maybe any children would like to do that part for you.
I paint the house with latex (used for walls) and gouache (window and door).
The roof, I maked with another piece and paint before fix.
I used ribbon to finish the wall borders and put an piece of acetato (toy package) in the window of the living room

Step 8: The End?

I dont really finish this house, but, I don't have time ( the contest....). I promisse that I will improve the house.
A cool stuff about this model house is that it is a movable house and consist in 2 parts. Then, the children open the house in the middle and have a big house.
When is closed, can be keeping all dolls inside (a room less messing).

I promisse that I will finish the inside and other details and post the results here.
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