Introduction: Dollar Bill Fighter Jet

This is a design for an origami airplane made from a dollar bill. Every fold and crease will have a number next to it corresponding to a picture above the step, in order.

This design is mainly aesthetic, but for the purpose of the competition I will include a step showing how to make this design aerodynamic.


A relatively crisp dollar bill with little to no wrinkles or folds. A paper the size of a dollar bill will also suffice.

Important: A crease means to make a fold, and then unfold to make a linear indentation.

Note: Any tape you may see in the following pictures is only for clarity, and is not necessary for the plane.

Step 1: X-wings

First, hold the bill vertically in front of you and crease it along the middle (1).

Now, take the top left corner and crease it diagonally towards the other side of the bill (2). Repeat with

the top right corner, and when you unfold it you should have an ''x'' pattern on the top part of the bill (3, 4).

Step 2: Triangle Bit

Now, take the middle edges of the X and fold them inwards to make a triangle (1, 2).

Fold the triangular tip into the back side of the bill and turn it over (3, 4).

Step 3: More Triangles

Now, take the bottom corners and fold them towards the middle (1, 2). Take the corners again and fold them into the bottom edges (3).

Step 4: Folding the Wings

Now, fold the sides of the plane towards the middle into a dart shape (1, 2). Next, take the tail triangles and raise them up a bit (3, 4).

Step 5: The (almost) Last Part

Fold the plane in half, and then unfold it a little to create a frame (1, 2, 3).

Step 6: Extras:

For a little extra detail you can fold the tip of the wings up, and to make the plane more aerodynamic you can add a small paperclip to the nose of the plane (1, 2).

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