Introduction: Dollar Blow Gun

This is a series of new instructables that I want to start called "Dollar Builds". Not that the builds will only be one dollar but that all the items will be had for one dollar or less. There is a lot of neat stuff that can be made for very little money. Some of this may be cheap looking, or be only a toy but the fact that you are building is what makes the difference. Some of the coolest stuff can be made with some of the simplest items.

So with that being said I bring you the Dollar Blow gun.

Step 1: Our Parts and Pieces.

For this build we are going to need the large type straws seen in the picture. These can be had from a large chain store that rhymes suspiciously like "Pual Blart". But it has nothing to do with mall cops. I picked mine up from there for .98 cents. This will form the whole blow gun. So our BOM is this.

1 pack of large size straws

1 container of bouncing putty

1 pair of pliers or other round tip working tools like needle nose pliers.

I use this pair of wire cutters because I like the round head for expanding the straws. The putty comes from another Dollar store that has " A LOT OF BRANCHES". In case you don't get the reference the name has something do with an arboreal nature. Just wanted to clear that up for you and make it clear as glass. If your still not sure then call me and we'll discuss it further.

So now to the build!

Step 2: Build Your Blow Gun!

So we are going to take those straws and fit them together. but we have to stretch them. This is where we need the round head of that tool. Like I said earlier we can use any round head tool. But what we need to do is stretch the opening of one side of the straw. This way we can fit the head of another into to get the length we need. Now you can do this with just one straw and there is no need to stretch anything. But that is only a spit ball shooter. We want a BLOW GUN. The reason for the length is that it gives us better accuracy.

I used four straws and at almost 10 inches per straw you get some good length and accuracy. The fact that these are colorful is also good. We don't want someone thinking we are using a dangerous blow gun that shoots darts. This is made purely for fun. Kind of how cap guns are painted bright orange on the caps.

Step 3: Now the Ammo!

The ammo I chose is this very fun stuff know as "Bouncing Putty". This is some amazing and underrated stuff. I plan on having some future 'ibles with this. But for now we are just going to make some little round balls. The putty is an air dry-able material. It is almost infinitely recyclable.

All you need to is rip off some and roll it in a ball that is about the size of the straws. You want to go a little bigger because as it dries it will shrink a little. Wait a day for this to dry before you shoot as it is sticky and bleech until it's dry. When it's done it will feel like foam and be tough.

That's it after this you can make as much ammo as you want. The neatest part I like about this build is that it can all be broken down and carried in a zip lock baggie after this. So if there is some annoying sibling or a friend being a jerk and you want to prank them, all you have to do is go ninja on them and assemble when they are turned away and then peg them in rear. But don't do this unless you are prepared to for the consequences. The foam putty is biodegradable and if it gets lost rain will melt them.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.