Introduction: Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto Costume

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All this talk about Robots taking over the world and mechanization disrupting humanity - here's my contribution.

: D

If you don't know who Styx is you may not get this costume, so here is a primer to bring you up to speed:

"Hey Roboto, your motha was a Toyota!"

: D ~ Classic!


I used:

Outfit: Basic grey top and bottom for foundation of costume, black boots, red plastic canvas

Mask: Black panther mask, 4 sheets of craft foam, paint, hot glue, xmas string lights(batt)

Candy chute: Large pvc pipe and elbows, spray paint, stringed xmas lights. zip ties

Pushbutton: Cardboard box, electronics set-up, paint

Gummy worm mattress: Cardboard sheet for tray inset, Lighted ghost necklace, 5 lbs of gummy worms, pkg hot glue sticks

Step 1: Mr. Roboto Costume

I found just what I needed at a surplus store - all new stuff, real cheap!

I sized up so I could look more Blocky, like an old-school robot.

The original costume had red zippers all over the place. I thought, " Why would robots have zippers like Fly Boys?" Made no sense. Vents, though, made a lot more sense. Red plastic canvas spoke to me.

I cut out strips and sewed them onto the clothing with strong embroidery floss.

Step 2: Mr Roboto Mask

A found a Black Panther mask that I thought would make a nice foundation.

I kept cutting and gluing a succession of foam shapes to hopefully resemble Mr Roboto. Not gonna win any clone wars but it turned out interesting enough.

I painted clear string lights with red and green nail polish, and poked holes through the mask, to light up like Mr Roboto.

I pinned the battery pack onto the back of my shirt.

Step 3: Push Button

It's a small bundle of wires, a sensor(accelerometer) speakers, and trinket.

When button is pushed the audio says, "Trick or Treat!"

Large pvc pipes with elbows, spray-painted silver, holes drilled to accept zip ties for attaching to railing, and red globe string lights taped on(battery powered). I made it so large because in addition to giving out little candy bars we also give out homemade popcorn bags which are a lot bigger than the candy.

I was at the top of the stairs. When the button was pushed I(Mr Roboto)
inserted a candy bar or popcorn bag into the pipe and down it went into the tray.

Step 4: Gummy Worm Tray

I wanted a mattress of worms to catch and cushion the candy coming out of the chute, so candy would not bounce off and create chaos.

I put a light-up ghostie necklace underneath it all to really make the worm colors glow.

I used 5-6 packages of gummy worms. and lots of hot glue sticks.

Step 5: Reaction

The kids(and adults) LOVED it. We got just under 400 kids! It was especially funny when a kid would press my button a second time to see if another piece of candy would come down. It was like the relationship between the Robot and its Push button had no element of humanity...

Yes!! The mechanization of Halloween is complete!!

Mwa ha ha ha...

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