Introduction: Door Basketball Hoop Return

This is a practical, cheap and effective door basketball hoop return system.

Step 1: Materials

  • Door Basketball Hoop
  • 3 cubic feet of cardboard
  • 4' x 12' fishing net
  • 8 zip ties
  • 18' of metal wire
  • Belt of choice

Step 2: Acquire a Door Basketball Hoop

Purchase a door basketball hoop of your choice. The size of the rim will effect later steps.

Step 3: Cut Out Side Panels

The top of the cardboard side panels should align with the top of the back board and extend to just below the rim.

Step 4: Cut Out a Cross Beam

This Beam should be long enough to allow a large enough gap between the two side panel and for the basketball to fall down the sides between the rim and each respective panel.

Step 5: Wire the Side Panels to the Back Board

Wire the top furthest corner of the side panel to the door hanger of the hoop. Half way down the side panel closest to the door wire the side panel to the door hanger.

Step 6: Current State of Project

So far the side panels, cross bar and wire supports should be complete.

Step 7: Wire Net Supports

To maintain a spread on the net wire supports must run from the bottom corners of the side panels to the desired length of the shot. For this version I went for a 5 foot shooting distance. First Picture: cut 12 - 12 inch rods to weave together. Second Picture: weave the rods in the fashion shown so that it looks like the third and forth. Last picture is what the net should look like after weaving both sides.

Step 8: Easily Store and the Net and Keep It Out of the Way

As each rod is 12 inches in length it allows for easy storage of the net.

Step 9: Using the Product

To use the return system all you need to weave your belt through the end of the net in a fashion that the two corresponding side supports are on your hips.

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