Introduction: Door Pedals

Why pedals when you could just use your hand?

In these times, hygiene is important everywhere you go as there is a chance you can catch the virus when touching dirty things like door handles. This pedal however, prevents you from touching dirty door handles by using your feet to open the door. This will be easier to open the door without getting your hands dirty, preventing possibilities of catching the virus. Besides, when you can't simply open the door because you are carrying too many things with your hands, it is easier to open the door with your foot.

Step 1: Materials

For this Instructable, you will need: 1 Hammer, 1 Drill, 2 Wooden blocks (20cmx20 cm)(2 cm thick), 1 Door hinge, screws (depending on the type of door hinge you have), 1 small rope(depends on the distance between the floor and the door handle, thin), 1 Nail (2 cm long).

Step 2: Make the Pedal

Get the door hinge between the two wooden blocks. Hammer the screws so that the door hinge is attached to the two wooden blocks.

Step 3: Add the Nail

Now that the two wooden blocks are attached together, get your screwdriver and put the 2cm screw in the middle top, opposite to the door hinge in the wooden blocks.

Step 4: The Small Rope

Get the small rope and tie the rope to the screw on the wooden block.

Step 5: Door Handle

Tie the rope to the door handle, make sure the rope is extended tightly and it is ready to use.

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