Introduction: Doorway Update

About: Recently started DIY project and now Iā€™m an addict. I like taking old stuff and making something new.
The main room when entering my house had unusually shaped, outdated doorways. I wanted to give them an updated look and expand them to make the rooms flow better.

Step 1: Remove Sheetrock and Boards Above Doorway

I started by cutting the Sheetrock with a utility knife from the odd shaped corners to the ceiling. Then I removed the Sheetrock using a hammer. I also hammered out the boards above the doorway. Since I planned on widening as well I took out Sheetrock to the front door.

Step 2: Build and Frame Doorway

I used 2x4x8 boards to support and build wall to outlet, leaving room for trim. I used 1x4x8 boards to trim out the inside of the doorway using a miter saw to make all cuts.

Step 3: Trim

I used 3 1/4 inch trim to trim out doorways, I used miter saw for the cuts and finishing nails to install the trim. I caulked any gaps and then have them a fresh coat of white paint. I also installed laminate flooring and painted the wall as part of my update.