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Introduction: Dot Painted Bookmarks-2

About: Hi all This is Maria Rose. I do Nail art, Mehendi, Quilling and now hopped onto Dot painting. I make tutorials on youtube. Please SUBSCRIBE if you like my content. :)

Hello All,

This week I have made 2 Dot painting bookmarks for beginners. I had made a slight change on how to place the dots. Watch the steps as to how to make it. If you are not clear watch my video to get more clarity.

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Supplies required are
1. Acrylic painting

2. Dotting tools or toothpick

3. MDF base for painting. You will get customized in the shops for various shapes of bookmarks. Here in this tutorial Im just sharing the pattern so that you can use it for your works.

Step 1: Design Template for Bookmark 1

Here you can see the design of the design. Hope you understand the measurement if not please hop on to the video

Step 2: Dotting the Center Pattern

I had painted the base as Red. Now I am dotting the centre 3 lines with pearl white color.

When you place the dots dont leave space between the dots. let it touch to the sides of other dots. This way it will give a beaded effect. We are going to follow the same technique throughout the design.

Step 3: Using Pearl Green and Pearl White to Fill In

I had used alternate colors of pearl green and white to fill the pattern.

Step 4: Bookmark 2 Pattern Template

This is the template for Design 2

Step 5: Filling in Bookmark2

Here I had used Gold, Pearl pink for the whole design.

Borders I had dotted with Gold and the fillers with pearl pink.

Hope you like my work. Please do share if you tried this design I would love to see them :)

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    Thank you so much :)

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    Maria Rose

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    Thank you so much for your time in checking my work :)

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    Maria Rose

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    Thank you :)