Introduction: DIY - Paper Weight at Home | Dot Mandala Painting Tutorial | Leisure Space

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Today I'm sharing tutorial on how to cast stones using gypsum powder. Mould used was stainless steel ladle from kitchen :) This casted piece can be used as paper weight and I had decorated it using dot mandala technique.


Gypsum Powder, Water, Stainless Steel ladle, Acrylic paints

Step 1: Casting Gypsum Stone

Mix Gypsum powder with water. The consistency should be similar to Dosa batter.

Once mixed pour into the ladle and tap a little so that the air bubbles pops by itself. Gypsum set after 40 mints max. Once its set turn the ladle and tap it with a bit of force on the floor or table. It will come out from the ladle by itself.

Another tip is before pouring the gypsum mix apply oil or vaseline in the inside of the ladle. This will make the removal of the stone more easy

Step 2: Finding the Center of the Dot

To find the center of the stone place it on paper and outline it

Then cut the outline and fold it.

Once you are fine with how many partition you wanted place it again on paper.. Trace it and mark the folded corners and connect it.

Then place the stone and using measurement tape and watercolor pencil mark the partition. This way you will get the centre

Step 3: Designing the Paper Weight/Stone

Place the centre blue dot. Then using white acrylic paint place two rows of dots

Place blue dots alternatively in the 3rd row. And top of these blue dots place a bigger blue dot

Start making petal shaped pattern using white color and outline with light blue swooshes

Now place orange color dots in the bottom of the paper weight and then make petal and swooshes similarly.

Finish off the piece with small dots in the gaps


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