Introduction: Double Eletronic Dice

About: My name is Simao and I love eletronics ,glass art,metal working,casting,paint ,draw... But above all... Trains

  • This project is an eletronic dice for all games . I made this project in "Tinkercad" an online design program for eletronics and 3D projects .
  • This dice can be used in a game that needs two dices . the ordinary eletronic dices have just one dice or have an LCD screen for the results, but I have made this project with LED's ,this is very fun realy ,I have enjoy myself with this project.I expect you to .let's go...


  1. 7 green LED's.
  2. 7 Red LED's .
  3. 1 Push Button.
  4. 4 220R resistor .
  5. 1 10K resistor.
  6. some jumper wires.
  7. Breadboard.
  8. Arduino UNO R3

Step 1: Step 1:Shematic.

The shematic is very simple to intend ,you have just to make this on your board ..NOTE:For best qualiti number reading;turn each dice 90ª to the left.

Step 2: Step 2:The Code.

Now you just have to download the code and...Upload to the Arduino.

IMPORTANT NOTE:When you ar uploading deconect the GND cable ,if you don't do this IDE go make an error.

Step 3: VIDEO