Introduction: Double Friendship Knot

Lanyard or zipper pull

The double friendship is similar in appearance to the friendship knot but has two loops instead of one

You will notice that the line that if you pulling on the top strand of either loop will adjust its size. When the knot is tied in cotton or other natural cordage friction keeps the loops stable. It is advisable to keep the loads on both loops even. Do not use slippery cordage because the loops might slip out of kilter.

Step 1: Double Friendship Knot

Make a loose overhand knot.

Step 2:

Bring left hand end over and back to make a bight.

Step 3:

Bring other end over this bight.

Step 4:

And up under three strands.

Step 5:

Bring that same ens down over three strands and under one going through the bight.

Step 6: