Introduction: Double Monkey Fist Knot

This is ABOK (Ashley's Book of Knots) # 2206. Because it has 12 faces as compared to the 6 faces of a traditional Monkey Fist Knot it is sometimes called the double monkey fist knot. This tutorial is an attempt to make clear the confusing single drawing of ABOK 2206.

Step 1: Introdction Continued

It requires a LOT of twine in the set-up about half of which will be recovered when the knot is tightened. The photo shows the completed lay-out -about 10 feet of paracord.

Step 2: Introdction Continued

Tightened around a 7/8" diameter wooden ball - about 5 1/2" of paracord left over.

Step 3: Circle One

The fist is made up of four circles.

You MUST put in the desired number of turns in each circle before going on to the next circle.

Start at the outside of each circle.

I am only showing two turns in each circle to make the layout easier to see.

In this tutorial the standing end is on the right and the working end is on the right

Circle 1 -. Above photo - Clockwise

Step 4: Circle 2

Circle 2 - Small clockwise loop and then counterclockwise going over, under turns of first circle.

Step 5: Circle 3

Circle 3 - Clockwise - go under, over, over, under the turns of circles one and two. Note: go under standing end.

Step 6: Circle 4

Circle 4 - 180 degree turn over the turns you just went under. Then under, over, under, over, under the turns of the previous three circles.

Slack in this knot must be taken out SLOWLY.

I find it easier to hold the working end and gradually take out the slack towards the standing end. In that way the circles are closing in on themselves.

After a bit of slack has been taken out place the knot over a spherical core. You will have to experiment with the size of the cord you are using and the number of turns you have made.