Double Nose Glider

Introduction: Double Nose Glider

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Hello! This is my entry to the weekly contest, I hope you like it!

Let's get going!

1: The final product.
2: Some notepad paper. 8 1/2 x 11". Printer paper will also work, but the folded portion on the underside of the nose tends to split.
3: "Hot dog" fold.
4: Bring the top left corner to the bottom on the middle fold.
5: Bring the fold out.
6: Fold the right side now.
7: Unfold again.
8: Bring the bottom creases up so they stand up a bit.
9: Ok, take each side and bring the corners of each side to the bottom and fold down the middle.
10: Open up the middle and fold the part sticking up into the center.
11: Like so.
12: Grab the nose and bring it down until there is about 1mm of fold away from the edges on each side.
13: After that, fold the nose up about an inch.
14: Also, before you make the next folds; MAKE SURE that the edges don't go over that part where the nose is folded down.
15: Ok after that vital info, Make this fold.
16: Take the edge to about the middle. Just not exactly. Because you have to tuck it under the flaps.
17: Now you can tuck it.
18: Do the same for the other side.
19: Tucked!
20: Now we're on these.
21: Fold where the paper comes along.
22: Put it in.
23: Same for the other side.
24: Both tucked in nicely.
25: Flip the plane over.
26: Fold it in half.
27: Crease the wings along the bottom of the plane.
28: Like so.
29: Finished! Now go find a place to fly your new plane!

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not sure about the Speed qualification. It can fly fast, but it tends to veer off in another direction if thrown hard. But I'm completely sure it can make the distance.
    Thanks for the offer! I may enter.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Have you tried more ballast (like a paper clip or staples)? That ought to help increase speed. If the airplane has stability issues at high speed, it may need additional fins. On this airplane, a pair of ventral fins like these would probably do this best.

    Anyway, hope to see an entry from you. Your airplanes look very interesting. :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Also, No I haven't. Must go buy some more Legalpad paper. All out. c: