Introduction: Dr. Horrible Goggles

Make yourself some shiny, new Dr. Horrible goggles!
Even better than Australia!

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need the following:

-Lab Goggles

-2 Round-Potrusion-Things ~ I found I couple of round containers at an army surplus store. I have no idea what their intended purpose was, but I drilled them up so that they had eye-holes. You could also use the bottoms of two mini yogurt containers. Just cut them down to size and drill in some eye-holes.

-Round Sunglasses - All we really need are the lenses, so they don't have to be fancy.

-Gluegun and appropriate ammunition

-Black and silvery/metallic paint


Step 2: Lenses

Take the round glasses and pop the lenses out.

Step 3: What You See Through

Take the round lenses and glue them into the containers with the eye-holes.

Step 4: Basic Structure

Glue the containers with eyeholes onto the lab goggles. It should line up so that when you look through the goggles the world looks like you're seeing it through sunglasses.

Step 5: Black Paint

Paint the following areas black:
- the round protruding rims of the goggles
- the upper nose-bridge area of goggles
- the white knobs on the sides of the goggles

Step 6: Silver Paint

Paint all of the unpainted portions of the goggles with a silvery metallic color. I used silver paint with a little bit of gold paint.

Step 7: YES!

Now the nightmare's real.
Now Dr. Horrible is here
To make us quake with fear.
To make the whole world kneel.